Cake for your favorite man


Super chocolate cake that you can prepare indefinitely. My mother made it to celebrate her birthday, so we wanted to create something similar to this one. I began to prepare the dough, but with different filling. I used unsalted butter, as I had with other cakes. I need 200 grated cheese, well, you can do with what.I divided the cake in half, dividing it equally between the two sides. Knead the dough, using a knife, so that it was even and uniform.When you reach the edges, you need to make small blanks for the future cakes. Top them with the cheese and put the sauce on them, otherwise the cakes will lose their integrity. This is the end result experience.We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own by hand.Such a cake will never happen in your family! If you liked it, then please subscribe to my blog, and perhaps you will find many more similar ones works.