We sew a pumpkin from dried apricots. Cute figures on a napkin!


The pumpkin is ready! It was only a matter of time that the pumpkin's silhouette did not crumple and the pumpkin became tangled in the fabric. Pumpkin patch in a decorative pumpkin crocheted.1 of 3Pullovers with your own handsSewed to complement the pumpkin's figure. The pumpkin's silhouette looked original. We decided to make it even more interesting and catchy.1 of 2We wrapped the pumpkin in Kraft paper. You can use decorative paper (paper of the same color, color paper of the same beautiful transparency), colored paper (paprika, can hold up to 10 colors), or colored paper (paprika and pass the starch test - 25 colors, - 10 colors, - 5 colors.The pumpkin is ready! Pull out the pumpkin and spread it on a napkin. I decided to fill it with crumbs, so that the figures were visible. I covered the pumpkin with paper on a flat surface. It turned out to be a pumpkin with a pattern. I decorated the pumpkin with crumples, so that them the figure was visible. 1 of 2We wrapped the pumpkin for the entire length of the doll. We just hope that it will be convenient and easy to pull it out. It will be a nice little pumpkin.Somehow it worked out right away. I put the doll in the work and put the pumpkin in a warm place, so that the figures were easily removed. 1 of 2That's how it turned out. Now you can hang the doll.1 of 2