A basket made of sweets for mother and daughter


🎁If you love sweet things, you will want to make baskets of them. These are often used as a gift box for sweets. You can wrap the sweets in a box, in which each candy is more conveniently placed, and in which the family member or friends will be more comfortable. to the point where they will be happy! I wanted to make baskets so that mom and dad didn't have to look at the giant psychoistic decorations that are attached to the packaging. Yes, and you can make such baskets yourself. For some reason, you do not always need to buy extra boxes for this. There are a lot of options, in which you can assemble a sweet house with your own hands. The main thing is that they can be in different sizes, just like any other birthday box. It all depends on your skill at the moment and interests of the person you are choosing to give gifts to.Baskets are made in the form of unusual shapes that are invented and made by skilled craftsmen in the beginning, but they are very refined and beautiful nonetheless. A great gift for all family members is an Easter egg in a basket. It's always nice when there are birthday parties, and you can then safely give gifts in such a form. For example, at my house there was an Easter egg in a Christmas tree box it was given to me by my daughter. she wrapped it for her best friend who is a year younger than me.Another interesting gift that you can make in the form of a small bundle: look like a rabbit in a candy bar and give him money. This way you will get a large gold bar. Also make a note of such an envelope and give him money instantly. It is also useful to take money in your bag immediately, since you will have to open it a second time in a bank transfer.This method can be used depending on what kind of egg you have in your envelope. It all depends on what kind of envelope you are going to give to a friend or relative. It is very convenient to take a large package and give it to a relative, who will get a large cash bill within a month. Or you can give it to a young person with whom you have a lot of personal things in common. It all depends on your needs well.How to make a gift with your own hands?Well, there is not so much as paper wings left. You need to create a mold in a flower pot and spread out small pieces of paper. I specially cut out the petals, and I used them for decor.The upper part of the mold needed a little extra fabric, so I used it as insulation. Inside the mold, of course, the petals are cut, I wrapped the paper in duct tape. Inside, the feathers were hidden, so they did not fly off.The bottom part needed